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  • Very low sodium intake e.g., IOM report, Science News article 24 May 2013;340:908

  • Effects of misattribution in assigning cause of death on prostate cancer mortality rates Annals of Epidemiology 2003;13:450-454

  • Human trafficking NC is ranked 8th, per Tom Campbell (MY SPIN)

  • Plague (e.g., Endeavors, 7/30/2012

  • Asthma trend, racial disparities, Nation's Health August 2012:7; role of acetaminophen debated and whether evidence is sufficient to halt use in children - EPID Monitor Jan 2012 p1.

  • Lead "level of concern" lowered to 10 mcg/dL in 1991 to 5 mcg/dL Nation's Health August 2012:7

  • Obesity 5/8/2012 IOM report says obesity epidemic needs societal change per The Nation's Health August 2012:8

  • Fluoridation Nation's Health July 2011 and Dec 2012 (Portland referendum)

  • MRSA Nation's Health July 2011:7 refers to April 14 NEJM shows Dept of Veterans Affairs initiative leading to 60% reduction

  • Hospital errors Nation's Health July 2011:7 says April issue of Health Affairs reported medical errors and other adverse events in 1/3 of hospital admissions; in 800 patient records reviewed, four adverse events were voluntarily reported, AHRQ indicators identified 35, and Univ of Utah tool detected 350+

  • Distracted driving

  • Tick-borne babesiosis May 2011 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases reports growing in NY lower Hudson Valley per The Nation's Health July 2011:9

  • Landmines The Nation's Health July 2011:11

  • Stillbirths Lancet April 14 study almost half of stillbirths could be prevented with universal coverage of interventions, per Nation's Health July 2011:11

  • Digital games merge as new tool to foster health, exercise Nation's Health, March 2012:1; also www.healthgamesresearch.org

  • Cookstoves Nation's Health, March 2012:1,19 says linked to 2 million deaths/year

  • Rabies 70,000 deaths/year, per The Nation's Health, Feb 2012

  • Noise may elevate blood pressure Nation's Health, Feb 2012:21

  • West Nile Virus Csaes surge summer of 2012 per Nation's Health, Dec 2012

  • Screening per Nation's Health Dec 2012 recommendations against ovarian and kidney screening

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