Welcome to the lectures for EPID600 (formerly EPID160), Principles of Epidemiology for Publc Health link)

This folder contains Powerpoint slides with verbatim speaker notes for a set of 13 lectures developed for the course Principles of Epidemiology for Publc Health (EPID160, soon to be renamed EPID600) offered by the Department of Epidemiology link), School of Public Health link), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (link). Audio recordings with linked slides and transcripts for most of these lectures are available, with many others, from the North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness Training Site.

These lectures may be used or adapted for self-study. If you would like to use them for teaching, please obtain permission from Victor_Schoenbach@unc.edu . (Individual slides may be used without permission but with appropriate attribution.) I also make available the case studies, by request.

(EPID160 is not the same as the course for which the Evolving Text was developed. The audience for EPID160 is graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are usually majoring in a public health discipline other than epidemiology. The audience for the Evolving Text was EPID168, a course for graduate and professional students majoring in epidemiology and others with a similar interest. However, there is a great deal of commonality to the two courses.)

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