EPID600 (formerly EPID160): Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health

After teaching EPID168 from 1980-2000, I switched to another of the UNC School of Public Health's introductory epidemiology courses. That course has an illustrious history, having been initiated by John Cassel, a leading figure in epidemiology before his untimely death in 1976 and one of the founders of the field of social epidemiology (read about the founding of social epid). Until 2001 the course was taught by Carl M. Shy and Lorraine Alexander, who introduced a case-study / cooperative learning approach and created a version for the Internet.

Audio "tutorials" (narrated slide presentations) for most of the lectures from EPID160/EPID600 are available on the Preparedness Center Training Site for the North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness, though the slides below are more current.

Information about EPID600 as currently taught

EPID600 lecture slides

EPID168 historical site

John C. Cassel, EPID160 founder

EPID160/EPID600 history

EPID160/EPID600 teaching assistants since 2001

Recognition for Carl M. Shy, January 30, 2002

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