University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health

Department of Epidemiology

EPID160/EPID600, Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health

Instructors: Victor J. Schoenbach, Lorraine K. Alexander


The following titles link to the Powerpoint slides for the EPID160/EPID600 lectures. The files include verbatim speaker notes. The lectures were recorded live, in front of the class, during spring 2011 or later semesters (see links below). Students enrolled in EPID600 should access the latest versions through the Sakai course website.

These lectures are made available for your personal use. If you would like to use all or parts of these lectures in your teaching or for other purposes, kindly obtain permission from

Please note - the slides are on my website, so the URL's will begin with: Recordings from 2011 require Microsoft Silverlight; newer recordings use Flash or HTML5. Other epidemiology learning materials can be found at

  1. Introduction (updated 1/11/2011)   recording from 1/11/2011

  2. Studying populations (updated 1/18/2011)   recording from 1/18/2011   recording from spring 2013

  3. Epidemiologic measures - Incidence and prevalence (updated 1/25/2011)   recording from 1/25/2011   recording from fall 2012

  4. Natural history of disease / Population screening (updated 2/1/2011)   recording from 2/1/2011

  5. Study designs: Intervention studies (Updated 2/8/2011)   recording from 2/8/2011   recording from fall 2012

  6. Study designs: Cohort studies (updated 2/15/2011)  recording from 2/15/2011

  7. Study designs: Cross-sectional studies (updated 2/22/2011)   recording from 2/22/2011

  8. Study designs: Case-control studies (updated 3/2/2011)   recording from 3/1/2011   recording from fall 2012

  9. Selection bias (updated 3/15/2011) recording from 3/15/2011   recording from spring 2013 - selection and information bias

  10. Information bias (updated 3/22/2011)   recording from 3/22/2011

  11. Confounding (updated 4/5/2011) recording from 4/5/2011   recording from fall 2012

  12. Data analysis and causal inference (updated 4/12/2011)   recording from 4/12/2011
    Data analysis and causal inference (updated 4/19/2011)   recording from 4/19/2011

  13. Critically reading epidemiologic studies (updated 3/29/2011)   recording from 3/29/2011

  14. Role of epidemiology in public health (work in progress; updated 5/1/2011)   recording from 4/26/2011   recording from fall 2012


6/13/2012, 11/15/2013, 5/17/2017, 10/27/2017