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Data analysis methods (in development)

This is a page where I am noting resources, as I come across them, for my own and my students' use.

Sources of online information on

  • Statistical methods various
    •  MD*Stat (Methods and Data) has various E-books, many available for online viewing (link)

  •  Proportional hazards (Cox regression)
    •  MedCalc statistical software’s site (link) has a good, basic explanation. Only minimal math comfort required. (link)
    •  Cox Proportional Hazards Survival Regression (John C. Pezzullo, Interactive Statistics page). Explanations at various levels. Includes an online Cox regression calculator in JavaScript, (link)
    •  Cox proportional hazards models (Elizabeth R. Brown, University of Washington, lecture in BIOST 515, Introduction to regression models). Lecture bullets, but detailed. Requires some comfort with math. (link)
    •  Chapter at Sung Eun Kim's (University of Cincinatti) Statistical Consulting course website (may be a chapter from an S+ manual). Clear and comprehensive but requires more comfort with math (link)
    •  The The Cox Proportional Hazards Model, Quantlets MD*Stat (link). A mathematical treatment.

  • Ken Rothman's Episheet - spreadsheets for analyzing epidemiologic data

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