EPID600 textbook(s)

The course textbook since 2003 has been: Ann Aschengrau and George Seage III
Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health. Sudbury MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Originally we used the 1st (2003) edition. (Comments and errata)

We currently use either the 2nd (2008) editon (Comments and errata) or the 3rd (2013) editon. (Comments and errata)

Although it is not the official EPID600 textbook and has not been updated for some years, Vic's Evolving Text is available as a free download. A Spanish translation is also available.

There are many other good introductory textbooks. Several popular ones are those by Leon Gordis, Kenneth Rothman, and Noel Weiss and Thomas Koepsell. Although there are differences among the textbooks, any of these could serve as the textbook for this course.

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