About EPID600 student comments

Time permitting, all general comments are posted unless the student expresses a preference that a comment not be posted. The student's name, if known, is listed only with permission. Students submit comments as part of:

  • 1st teaching assistant (TA) evaluation form (about 6 weeks after the start of the course). These comments are denoted by "TAeval1".
  • UNC-wide course evaluations collected by DigitalMeasures.com. These comments are denoted by "UNCcourseeval". During summer 2011 the school administered these evaluations during a one-week period ending just before the due date for the second exam.
  • Emails

TA evaluations and departmental course evaluations do not show the name of the student unless given in the comment. Although nothing on the Internet is completely anonymous, TA and course evaluations can be identified only with the approval of the Department of Epidemiology Student Services Manager.


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